Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Your new ONLINE Classroom.

    This classroom is designed to introduce you to some of the kinds of assignments we will be using in your online classes. Please read and work through each topic. There are 6 different topics listed below. You will need to scroll down the page. Don't worry about doing anything wrong. Investigate this practice course thoroughly to get a feel of how a real course might work.


    How to navigate backwards and forwards in the classroom....

    To navigate forward or to choose an item, click on the highlighted word or text. Blue colored text will usually take you somewhere or open something up if you click on it.

    You can use your browser's back button to return or go backwards. You can also use the "breadcrumbs" which you can locate in the upper left hand corner of this page below the Moodlerooms logo. Do you see the words Home My courses Miscellaneous moodletraining in the upper left hand corner above.

    Those are the "breadcrumbs." You can click on these words to get to where you have been.
  • Topic 1


    You will often access documents or links to websites. The most popular document is ..... Yes, you guessed it...... THE SYLLABUS. Listed below are two icons.

    The first icon is a WORD DOCUMENT.

    Click on the title to the right of the icon and a syllabus for BST 1010 should open. If it does not open, you may not have MICROSOFT WORD installed on your computer. All online students are required to have Microsoft Word installed on their computers.

    The second icon is a link to a WEBSITE.

    Click on the title to the right of the icon and you will be taken to Warner's main website. This should open up as a separate pop-up window. If it does not open, you may have to change some of the security settings on your internet browser to allow pop-ups. If you are uncertain as to how to do this, please contact our ITS department at 800-949-7248 ext 2345

  • Topic 2


    What will it take for you to be successful online? Click on the activity below labeled Keys to Success and make your choice. Read the question and then follow the instructions to "SAVE MY CHOICE."
  • Topic 3


    When your professor wants to have a class discussion, he or she will post a FORUM assignment. A FORUM is a place where persons post questions and answers. You can read the questions and answers and then respond back and forth to one another by posting your own response.

    Click on the FORUM below and experiment with how it works. Follow the instructions.
  • Topic 4


    Now it's time to take a quiz to see what we have learned so far. Click on the link below labeled "QUIZ ONE." Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Topic 5


    Your syllabus will clearly indicate your weekly reading and assignments. Additional assignments may also be posted online. Your instructors will also be communicating with you through your Warner Email account on a weekly basis.

    When it is time to submit a special project, paper, report, or observation. Your instructor will create a place for you to post this assignment. Listed below are two ways your instructors might choose to have you submit your work. First, click on the link titled "Assignment One" for more instructions.